Robert is the artistic director of  New Opera In Scotland Events,NOISE. He founded the company in 2011 to produce Gareth Williams’ opera The Sloans Project. The libretto was written by David Brock.


  The libretto was written from material collected from interviews with the pub’s staff and patrons both past and present. This was combined with research about the building and it’s role  in Glasgow’s history. The piece has been presented four times. Each revival has adapted the existing the material and added new scenes. NOISE 6 ”Beginning in the bar, and then moving on to four other spaces on the upper floors of this beautiful historic building – a pub since 1797 – the show featured five musicians, five superb singers, and four actors, and a series of scenes involving a wedding, a funeral, and a strange historical flashback to a fierce moment of connection between a 19th-century manageress of the howff, and Frederic Chopin, on tour in Scotland.” Joyce MacMillan – The Scotsman, 25 July 2011 ”It was amazing and often quite magical…….First rate singers, an excellent instrumental ensemble and a performance that really hit home base, this was an experience not to be missed.”     Alan Copper – The Glasgow Herald, 05 November 2012

Suna Scott Sendall Chopin's Ghosts

Suna Scott Sendall
Chopin’s Ghosts

”…..the experience is electric. It is musically coherent and full of stories which are highly charged with laughter and sadness. It deserves to do well anywhere.” Kelvin Holdsworth – Opera Britannia, 14th August 2013